February 28, 2024

iPhone 15 Pro Vs Samsung S24 Ultra Battery Life – Shiv Telegram Media

Title: Android Smartphones Outperform iPhone 15 Pro Max in Battery Life Tests

In recent battery life tests conducted by Gizmodo, Android smartphones have shown significant improvement, outperforming the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and OnePlus 12 have emerged as strong competitors in terms of battery life.

To determine battery performance, Gizmodo’s benchmark test involves streaming a 24-hour YouTube video at around 200 nits brightness until the phone’s battery drains. Historically, many Android flagship phones have struggled to reach the 18-hour mark in these tests.

However, OnePlus has consistently offered the best battery life in the Android realm. In the latest test, the OnePlus 12 lasted an impressive 27 hours and 43 minutes. This is a testament to OnePlus’ commitment to delivering long-lasting battery performance.

Samsung’s devices have also shown improvement over the years. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, running its respective version of Android 14, lasted an impressive 23 hours and 22 minutes in the battery test. This showcases Samsung’s focus on enhancing battery efficiency.

The improved battery life of newer Android devices can be attributed to better cache management in Android 14. This latest version of Android significantly reduces CPU activity of background apps, resulting in 30% fewer cold starts. By optimizing system resources and minimizing unnecessary app activity, Android 14 is able to maximize battery performance.

Both the OnePlus 12 and Galaxy S24 Ultra run their respective versions of Android 14, indicating that the software optimization plays a crucial role in their extended battery life.

While the Android devices have shown outstanding battery performance, it is important to note that additional battery tests are still required to compare the latest Android flagships against other phones, including Apple’s iPhone 15. It will be interesting to see how the iPhone 15 fares in prolonged battery tests and whether it can match the impressive performance of its Android counterparts.

Overall, Android smartphones have made significant strides in battery optimization, with the OnePlus 12 and Galaxy S24 Ultra leading the pack. With the increasing demand for long-lasting battery life, these devices provide a promising experience for users seeking extended usage without frequent recharging.