July 14, 2024

Is it time to buy a new car and take advantage of government rebates?

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Is it time to buy a new car and take advantage of government rebates?
Is it time to buy a new car and take advantage of government rebates?

Earlier this week, the government released a list of all cars participating in the new auto industry incentive programme. In all, 233 versions of 31 models are being sold at discounts ranging from R$2,000 to R$8,000.

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In addition, some participating automakers also offer their own bonuses. The list includes Renault, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, General Motors, Fiat and Peugeot.

What do many Brazilians who dream of a zero-car in the garage ask: It’s time to buy? According to Reinaldo Domingos, President of the Brazilian Association of Financial Education Professionals (Abefin), it is essential to think carefully and not act on impulse.

What to consider before buying

An expert’s approach is to evaluate not only the price of the car, but all of the expenses involved in the purchase. You should be aware of the various expenses involved. The basic ones, he points out, are: premiums, insurance, fuel, maintenance, IPVA, licensing, laundry, and even potential fines.

Domingos also tells the customer to assess whether he really needs a new car now. “I see that many keep the car just for the sake of status and the result is debts or the need to return this asset. There are families who own more than one car and leave one of them parked in the garage, without realizing that they are losing money,” he says.

Buying a car cannot be considered an investment, especially since the product loses its value as soon as it leaves the dealership, warns the expert.

Who should buy now

By tracking the profile of the ideal consumer to buy a new car now, Rinaldo claims debtors aren’t on the list. On the one hand, this moment can be good for those who are financially balanced, but do not have money to spare.

In this case, the advice is to try to create a reservation before closing the deal. “All it takes is one oversight and they easily get listed in debt, undermining all chances of achieving their dreams, whether in the short, medium or long term,” he says.

As for the group with money saved, it is enough to calmly assess whether the car is in the plans and search. “If this is the case, then it is time to calmly and patiently search for all the options for the car you want, assessing its strengths and weaknesses. In any case, it is necessary to think about the real need for the purchase and analyze the financial resources, ”the expert concludes.

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