February 29, 2024

Is the battery draining fast? Find out the 20 apps that consume the most energy!

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These days, there are apps for almost everything we need. About 95% of the people who have smartphones use an app on a daily basis to help in their daily lives. And soon all this use leads to excessive battery consumption. But did you know that there are some Apps that consume device battery power more quickly?

Whether it’s sending messages, posting videos, helping with grocery shopping, or looking for a relationship, apps are increasingly demanding when it comes to battery.

Hence, iCloud, a company that specializes in technology and cloud storage, conducted a survey about which apps drain the phone battery the most. Then check out the list below:

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What are the worst apps for your cell phone battery?

The study was conducted with the 100 most used apps by Android and iOS devices, and arrived at the top 20 apps that consume the most battery on the device. And so they understood:

Applications that consume the most battery power
RK to request RK to request
the first Fitbit eleventh snap chat
the second Verizon twelveth WhatsApp
the third Uber Thirteenth Zoom in
fourth skype fourteenth Youtube
Fifth Facebook 15 Booking.com
VI airbnb sixteen Amazon
VII BIGO LIVE 17 cable
VIII Instagram 18 grindr
9 Tinder 19 Likes
The tenth stutter XX linkedin

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Why do they consume so much battery?

To understand why so much battery drains, the study looked at 3 important variables, namely:

  • Whether the app has access to the camera or location/GPS.
  • How much battery the app is using.
  • Whether or not dark mode is enabled.

With that said, it was easy to identify those that drain the device’s battery the most. Being Uber, the app in Brazil that consumes the most energy, ranked third worldwide!

Additionally, the vast majority of social networks like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and YouTube made the top 20 apps, mainly because they all have wallpaper features that drain the battery the most.

Finally, another important point is the presence or absence of dark mode. This is because the dark mode is not only used to protect the user’s vision, its use represents a saving of up to 30% of the battery!

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