March 4, 2024

Is time travel through a black hole possible?

do you think that time travel is it possible? What if I told you that black holes are real natural “time machines”, which make it possible to go to different moments in time, either to the past or to the future. However, there are still no ships capable of counteracting this path.

Black holes are formed when a star collapses. like a landA black hole has gravity. Keep reading to understand what it would be like to travel through a black hole.

Time travel is an ancient desire of mankind.

The gravitational field is what keeps us on Earth and prevents us from floating away. Void. The greater the density of the mass, the stronger its gravitational pull. Black holes have the ultimate gravitational force, not even a ray of light can pass through them. So the bigger question is: Are humans able to travel through a black hole through time?

According to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, each object forms a space or valley around itself, into which other objects usually fall as they approach. That is, when we try to get close to a black hole, we are likely to be thrown into that valley, unless the ship has enough force to cancel out the gravity.

According to the scientists, the clock near the body region with the most mass runs slower when compared to the clock with less mass. So, one year in a Black hole That could equate to 80 years on Earth. Thinking this way, as you approach a black hole and come back to Earth, you will see the future.

And what about the past? The black hole creates a link between the past and the future. If we can truly access this space, we will be able to return to our path and try to change some facts, while remembering that this will have consequences for your present and future. Scientists call this space a closed curve.

If you really want to go into a black hole, you need to know a few things. First, remember that you can only go into the past! Also, if the black hole was created before the event you want to visit, you won’t be able to move forward.

Another important issue is that you risk crossing the event horizon and getting into a loop. To get out of this, you will have to travel faster than light, which is not yet possible.