February 28, 2024

Is your IQ high? Find the number 0 in less than 10 seconds!

You Visual skills tests It is becoming increasingly popular on social media for audiences of all ages. However, each one has a different challenge, some of which consist of pictures and others of numbers.

By the way, these games are great for developing observational skills. In the next test, the task is to find the number zero among several O’s.

Brain adaptation to different perceptions

There are several options for entertainment to the public on the Internet. The visual challenges are also great for those who like challenging brain games. In addition, they are also recommended by experts for the development of different areas of the human brain.

The following example is a picture with many O’s. But there is also a zero in it. The challenge is right there. Find this number in the picture.

However, there is another very important point to consider. This game has time to solve. The candidate has only 10 seconds to find the zero. Pay attention and see the image below.

Visual skills tests
Image: Designs.AA/freepik

Did you manage to locate the number you were looking for? If the answer is yes, then congratulations! If not, read the tips:

  • The task is easier if you do not enlarge the image and focus on each line separately;
  • Focus your gaze on the right side of the upper region.

ready! I hope these tips make it easier for you. Now go back to the picture and try to find the number again. Oh, and don’t forget to set the timer to 10 seconds. He deserves!

And now I found zero? Regardless of the answer, below we will show you the exact location of this number in the image.

Visual skills tests
Image: Designs.AA/freepik

Now that the answer is clear, it’s easy, right? I hope you will like the puzzle and share it with others to challenge yourself. Tell everyone the rule is only 10 seconds.