February 27, 2024
"It is not only love that makes a relationship"

“It is not only love that makes a relationship”


The couple has been married since January 2022

Photo: Instagram / Jojo Todinho
Photo: Instagram / Jojo Todinho

wedding Jojo Todinho And the Lucas Souza It came to an end. The end of the relationship was announced on Saturday (8) afternoon by the military, which used social media networks to spread the news. And the advertisement published a picture from the wedding ceremony with the singer, in which he appeared kissing her forehead.

When announcing the termination of the marriage, Lucas He said he was going through a moment of pain: “Out of respect for the people who have affection for the couple and with so much pain in their hearts, they are going through the hardest phase in my life where I am in a place where I have no one, I report that I and Jordan We are no longer married! “

In the post, the army also sparked a spree, but wished for happiness Joe JoeHe concluded, “Love is not just a relationship, respect, loyalty, and gratitude are essential! I wish her all the happiness in the world and that she continues with that light and charisma that only she has.”

Lucas He also demanded understanding and respect for fans of the duo: “I ask you to respect this moment of pain, which is not easy for me!” , He said. Rumors that marriage Jojo Todinho She was in a crisis that began in September. At that time, Lucas deleted the photos he had with the artist on Instagram. Soon, they appeared together again. The duo has been married since January 2022.