February 28, 2024

It went bad! Flamengo player leads the negative standings among the Italian league teams – Flamengo – Flamengo news and game

Flamengo leads by far a negative ranking among the Serie A teams in the Brazilian Championship

With so many competitions being played at the start of the season, Flamengo ends up being in many rankings. However, sometimes Rubro-Negro does not stand out in a positive way. In 2023, Florida is the most yellow-carded team in Division I: 62. At the top of the list is Gerson, with seven warnings. Gabigol and David Luiz were also included in the survey.

Watch the top 10 players with the most yellow cards in 2023:

1- Gerson (Flemish) | 7 yellow cards
1- Kahneman (Gremio) | 7 yellow cards
2- Gabigol (Flemish) | 6 yellow cards
2- The structure (Atletico MG) | 6 yellow cards
2- Juninho Capixaba (Bragantino) | 6 yellow cards
2- Ricardo’s outfit (Goias) | 6 yellow cards
2- Raul Gustavo (Bahia) | 6 yellow cards
3- David Luiz (Flemish) | 5 yellow cards
3- Matthews Fernandez (Bragantino) | 5 yellow cards
3- Pablo Maya (Sao Paulo) | 5 yellow cards
(Source: GE)

In 2023, Flamengo has played 18 matches and is the yellowest team in the Brazilian football elite. Of the 62 yellow cards received, 58 were for players, three for coach Vitor Pereira’s commission and one for Portuguese coach. In addition, Rubro-Negro had three reds applied to the Rio team, which totaled 65 penalties.

With the large number of cards, Vitor Pereira sometimes ends up having problems climbing the team. This is because after three yellow cards in the same competition, the player is bound to be suspended. Due to the large number of penalties, Flamengo suffers several absenteeism cases.

Gerson tops the list of the yellowest. Flamengo’s No. 20 was even left out of contention for third place in the Club World Cup, after receiving two yellow cards, followed by a red card. In a more recent situation, the defensive midfielder was absent from the first leg of the Cariocão semi-final, after stacking three cards, and had to comply with an automatic suspension.