February 25, 2024

It’s about time! WhatsApp will generate a lot of “nonsense” with a controversial new button

WhatsApp can be considered as one of the most updated social networks over time. Proof of this is the presence of a new button that is causing some stir among people. Even the newness divides opinions between new and older users.

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The new WhatsApp button divides opinions among users

The big change that can be seen inside the messenger is a button that allows for more control over privacy. In fact, it is now possible to avoid being added to groups with one click. In practice, a person will limit who will have access to put them within a group.

Within WhatsApp, the user will be able to select exactly which contacts will have the ability to add their numbers within the group. So, the agony of having to keep leaving groups you didn’t even know you entered is over.

Check the options launched by the application

To control access, WhatsApp has launched three types of privacy levels to add to a group:

1 – all: This level allows anyone who has your number saved in their contacts to add you to a group (as it has already done);

2 – My contacts: Here, only the contacts that you also saved in your phonebook will be able to put you in the group chat;

3 – My contacts, except: Finally, it is possible to allow access to only your contacts, as mentioned, but with one change. In this case, it is possible to restrict certain people who, even if they are on your agenda, will not be able to add you to WhatsApp groups.

How do you find this WhatsApp button?

Now that you know the possible settings, you need to know how to access the power button inserted in WhatsApp.

Do the following:

Go to the app’s settings and tap on “Privacy”, then go to “Groups” and find the option to decide who can and can’t add you to groups.

However, some people didn’t like the change, especially those living from mass shootings within groups in the app.