July 20, 2024

Jack LC won the DX-6 special election

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Republicans thwarted the support of Republican Susan Wright, an opponent of the former president. Wright was the widow of the late President Ron Wright, who died in February of cancer and Covit-19.

Shortly before the first round of voting, Trump endorsed Susan Wright, which ended in a landslide victory for none of the 23 candidates, more than double his one-on-one contest with the LC. In the final days of the campaign he recorded a robot for Wright and his super PAC, Mac America Great Again Action, late, 000 100,000 ad purchase.

But Elsie defeated Wright 2 to 1 among small dollar donors and garnered the support of several top Texas conservatives, including a couple with close ties to Trump: former Secretary of State Rick Perry, the former Secretary of State for Energy, and counter-attacks against the anti-tax group Club for Growth. Don Grenshaw, and testified that he was loyal to Trump.

Despite his inability to raise Wright in Congress, the results are not the full condemnation of Trump being popular in the state. But the result showed the limits of his influence – at least on the ballot. On this path, both candidates accepted his political agenda and there was little daylight between them on the policy front. Dividing lines, in the end, form around approvals and alliances.

Trump won the district in 2020, making it one of the most competitive in North Texas, including parts of Ellis, Navarro and Toronto districts. His success rate has been declining since 2016, four years before former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Elsie, a former naval fighter, also actively sought the support of Trump supporters. He released a video entitled “Trump Supporters Love Jack LC”, which last month attended the border trip between Trump and Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott.

The contest came to the Republicans because none of the more than 20 candidates won a clear majority in the May 1 election. Elsi ousted Democrat Jana Lin Sanchez by a margin of less than 400 votes on Tuesday, promising that the balance of power in the Democrats’ razor-thin majority would not change.

LC’s win comes on the second attempt to win that spot. He previously ran in 2018, but lost to GOP primary Ron Wright.

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