June 23, 2024

Jadrés appears in the position of Mel Maya in the life of Paulo André. I did this for everyone.

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Jadrés appears in the position of Mel Maya in the life of Paulo André.  I did this for everyone.

Saint Andrew, May 10, by Helen Batista, go paper – A topic that raises a lot of talk among fans Jadri (jade and pa) And Mel Maya climbed the trends on Twitter. The actress came to life Former BBB, athlete and now model Paolo Andre And he took an unusual position.

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early morning (10), Paulo Andre Play live guitar, when Mayan honey He enters and presents the previous BBB episode: “Oh ba, ok take it now 💍”. And it led, and when Jadris She didn’t like it, other netizens thought she was smart: “Mel Maya is the smartest attacker, brabaaaa,” one netizen commented.

“I went to see why Mel Maya was on TT! – Striker, number 10 shirt, big and fearless!” another joked on Twitter. So far, Jade Picon has not commented on this. She and Paulo Andre started a relationship at BBB 22 while they were still boxed, however, we don’t know if it will work out.

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The profile asks followers for their opinions on Mel Maya’s situation with Paulo Andre

Mel Maya - clone photos on Instagram
Mel Maya – clone photos on Instagram

The Instagram account of Adriano Bussott asked the opinion of his followers, however, most of them were skeptical about the position of the actress and remembered her. Jade Bacon: “Jeez! Mel Maya is on fashion after leaving a comment on PA Live: “Ai PA, OK, now take it 💍”. Eae shippam?”, one netizen replied: “The PA does not have jade.” See the following:

Dating Mel Maya with Joao PedroHowever, when he went to play outside of Brazil, the relationship soured and ended. Since then, the actress has remained single. She recently released the news that she will be starring in a movie on Netflix, and we are looking forward to that.

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Paulo Andre signs a model contract

23 years old Paulo Andre signed a contract with Way Model, same agency Sasha Mengele and Carol Trentin: “Our job will be to promote this for the national and international market,” says Anderson Baumgartner, director of Gshow.

The agency said that they admired the beauty of the athlete: “I was impressed by his beauty. After I got to know him a little more at BBB, my desire to work with him only increased, because I saw the wonderful personality he has,” he added.

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