June 14, 2024

Johnny Depp tells court Amber Heard threatened death in couple’s quarrel and details of ‘night visits’ after split

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The to rule from this process Johnny Depp moves against Amber Heard He received new testimonials this Wednesday (20), with the actor’s own unprecedented and surprising discoveries about his ex-wife. This is the second time the court has heard a star.”Pirates of the Caribbean, who called Amber “the suicide bomber.” According to Depp, the actress threatened to kill when she tried to “…Run away from battles“.

The artist stated that when “Getting into these bad blasts, he would often decide to withdraw from the toxic modeIn the affidavit, Johnny stated that the former triedLost hope“Preventing him from leaving, threatening to engage security to prevent him.

However, the star said he heard comments he thought were suicidal, for example, when Amber said,I can not live without him“.According to Depp, after the breakup, his ex-wife would show up at his door in the middle of the night,”They scream hystericallyFrom his side.

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are facing a new trial in a lawsuit brought by the star. (Images: Getty)

Yesterday (19), when he first testified, Johnny said that Amber’s allegations about domestic violence are “demonicEven when he defended himself, he quoted his children:It was a complete shock, I didn’t need to go in that direction because nothing like that ever happened… There were arguments and stuff like that, but I didn’t get to the point where I hit the lady. I heard anyway, like I’ve never hit anyone in my life“.

The actor claimed thatThe goal is only the truth“.”It was my responsibility not to just clear my name… I wanted to spare my kids that terrible thing they read about their father, which wasn’t true.Deb said.

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After years of splitting, Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of defamation. The whole story began in 2018, when the actress wrote an article in the “Washington Post”, claiming to be a survivor of Domestic Violence. In as much as Heard did not mention the artist’s name, he filed the suit, stating that the earlier script had damaged his reputation.

Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of defamation after the actress reported that she was a victim of domestic violence. (Image: Getty)

In court, Depp wants to prove that the details of Heard’s statements will be wrong. The star has requested compensation of 50 million US dollars (approximately 233 million Brazilian riyals). In turn, Amber filed a contravention claim and subsequently requested $100 million.

The The trial started last week The jury will issue its verdict in this regard. In the court’s early days, other revelations and strong testimony emerged, such as the actress being accused of sexual assault. Know all the details, click here.

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