June 18, 2024

Johnny Depp’s actor addresses rumors of the return of Pirates of the Caribbean

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Johnny Depp's actor addresses rumors of the return of Pirates of the Caribbean

Earlier this month, Poptopic newspaper speculated that Johnny Depp She has received an offer from Disney to Back to his famous role in captain Jack Sparrow in franchisePirates of the Caribbean”.

In the face of these rumors, a representative of the actor denied this news and told NBC News that the rumor surrounding the closing of a $301 million deal, equivalent to $1.5 billion, was “made up,” according to CNN.

An entertainment industry source reportedly told the site that Disney already has the initial script for the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” production, which will be deep As the protagonist again.

“Disney is very interested in repairing their relationship with deep. They called the actor before his defamation trial Amber Heard He asked if he would be interested in going back to see one or one of the Pirates movies,” the interviewee claimed.

He continued, “I know the company sent you a gift basket with a very sincere message, and I’m not sure how you’ll receive it. But what I can say is that the studio has already written a draft of a movie about Jack Sparrow – So they hope so johnny Forgive them and come back as your special character.”

What did the product say?

feature product, Jerry BruckheimerI already talked about the possibility of going back johnny Franchise for The Times. He said, “Not at this time.” “The future has not yet been decided.”

“We are talking to Margot Robbie. We are developing two pirate scripts – one with her and one without him. Unfortunately, there are no plans to deep Starring in the sixth Pirates movie right now.”

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