February 28, 2024
Jojo Todynho reveals Globoplay failure live and leaves Escobar embarrassed TV news

Jojo Todynho reveals Globoplay failure live and leaves Escobar embarrassed TV news

Jojo Todynho complained about the failure of Globoplay directly during the Central da Copa on Thursday (24th). The singer mentioned that transmission delay flow It was five to ten minutes long and left Alex Escobar not knowing what to do. She joked that she “celebrated four times” by being late in seeing the goals of the Brazilian national team.

The program started with everyone dancing and singing in celebration of the Brazil’s victory over Serbia in Brazil’s first appearance in the World Cup by two to zero. Then, the funk artist announced that the game had four goals and left her teammates spellbound.

Jojo explained that the sound burned out on the TV in the house where she was watching the match, and they had to turn to Globo’s streaming service. He added, “There was a delay. The goal was already scored, and there was Globoplay about ten minutes later, five minutes of celebration.”

“Not five either, is it, Jojo?” He shot Escobar, trying to get around the situation. However, the reprimand did not prevent the artist from continuing the story. “It took a while! ‘Hit the bar,'” GalvΓ£o said hours later [Bueno] I was going to talk,” she exclaimed.

“But it was good, because in my head it was four to zero,” Jojo joked. β€œIn her game, Richarlison scored four goals,” Fred Guedes completed. The announcer let out a humorous and off-topic laugh.

During the broadcast of the game, netizens who were also following it on Globoplay complained about the delay, as they could hear the neighbors celebrating the goals before it was shown in the broadcast.

a the news He contacted the platform to explain the reasons for the failed submission, but did not receive a response until the last update of this text.

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