June 23, 2024

Jose Loreto catches all swim trunk flashes in his debut with SPFW | fashion

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Jose Loreto catches all swim trunk flashes in his debut with SPFW |  fashion

Jose Loreto He gave it all by embodying a new face on Friday (26.05): the face of the model! Actor across the platform from Sao Paulo Fashion Week Debuting at The Paradise fashion show, it also made its fashion week slate debut.

The appearance was a sense of right to stand top model and daring swim trunks Platformand we’re following everything from the preparations to the show, including an exclusive chat with the actor!

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Talk behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, Loreto was in on the good humor and went through a legitimate model routine, starting with the movement in the dressing room and posing as “Pacicquinho” to receiving makeup preparations for the presentation. Backstage, he even prepared to hide a blood glucose sensor that he uses on his butt (at the bottom of the page) to adjust to the outfit he’ll be wearing, which is a swimsuit; The actor has been outspoken about his interest in managing type 1 diabetes for more than 20 years.

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Jose Loreto – Photo: Glamor Brazil

“I guess I’ll honor my character a little bit [Lui Lorenzo, de “Vai na Fé”] And he said in a conversation with him that there will be a surprise, “I am fine.” luster On how to prepare for his fashion debut. “I like to research, to dive into an unknown world … Twenty months ago I was exploring everything in the Pantanal, the roped bulls, now I sing and dance and find out everything about the stage. Then I want to delve into lawyers and doctors, in many universes!”, he admitted.

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Jose Loreto preparing for the Swimwear Fashion Show – Photo: Glamor Brasil


Elegance, Louie Lorenzo and Heart <3

When the topic turned to fashion, he almost admitted fashion: his most soulful piece is… lingerie? “Oh, I’m not going to talk about it, no,” he jokes, “fashion is always changing, it’s so fickle, it’s always in transition. I’ve taken everything print out of my closet, and now I’m back to coloring with more polish… I have nothing In the store, I’m not a hoarder, I keep giving away.”

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Regarding the public’s reaction to his work on the TV series “Vai na Fé”, he said he was surprised by the success of Lui Lorenzo: “There are kids who have special birthday parties, ladies and gentlemen … Layers and it’s a union of an amazing cast, crew, and story. It’s It’s positively chilling to see how the audience follows the story.”

and near Valentine’s Daywe had to ask him how he plans to date this year: “I’ll spend it at work, filming … and also with friends, with my daughter. And if I have an affair, I’ll enjoy it too. I’m free,” he admits, “the heart is free, light and loose.” “.

Lights, cameras… G-string!

At the time of the show, Loreto made two entrances: one in a T-shirt and shorts, and in the sequence, the most awaited: in a T-shirt and swimming trunks, with the right to model stop for paparazzi and glamor in New Year’s Eve to show off her daring swimming trunks, as model Cavadao, when crossing with actor Luis Lubianco -Follow the moments records in sequence!

Excited, he celebrated his participation in the show along with the entire mighty cast at the end of the show with the sound of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” by Eurythmics.

Jose Loreto – Photo: Glamor Brazil

Jose Loreto and Luis Lobianco on the runway at SPFW – Photo: Glamor Brasil

Jose Loreto at the entrance in a swimsuit at the fashion show – Photo: Glamor Brasil

Jose Loreto at the show – Photo: Glamor Brasil

Jose Loreto at the end of the fashion show at SPFW – Photo: Glamor Brasil

Jose Loreto at the end of the fashion show at SPFW – Photo: Glamor Brasil

Rampage about Jose Loreto – Photo: Glamor Brasil

Jose Loreto testing her modeling look – Image: Disclosure

look at the pictures!

José Loreto has already shown the sensor he uses in a single click with Jesuita Barbosa, in the Pantanal – Image: reproduction / Instagram

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