February 29, 2024
Jukka: Corinthians have already hit Manu Menezes.  Silvinho will leave after Inter - 10/22/2021

Jukka: Corinthians have already hit Manu Menezes. Silvinho will leave after Inter – 10/22/2021

Pressure on coach Sylvinho in Corinthians increased after Defeat Sao Paulo In the derby match last Monday and until the organized demonstration of the fans demanding the resignation of the coach, which according to information obtained by Joka Kfoury, is supposed to take place immediately after the match with Internacional ends, on Sunday, at 4 pm, in Porto. Allegri.

no podcast Ball exercise #171Jukka Kfoury explains that not only will the coach’s departure be determined, but the name of the replacement, which will be Gaucho Manu Menezes, who has been in charge of two terms. Corinthians, the first between 2008 and 2010 and the second in 2014, but with titles won only in the first, with Series B of 2008, as well as Campeonato Paulista and Copa do Brasil in 2009.

“The information I have is on Sunday, regardless of the result against Inter, it is [Sylvinho] After the match, he will no longer be a team coach CorinthiansThe coach Corinthians wants is Manu Menezes. I admit that I doubt a little Corinthians at Porto Alegre will defeat Inter and be sent off, and this will be the first time in history that a coach has been sent off like this with an overwhelming victory, because it is clear that Inter, although they were disappointed yesterday. In the second half, Inter are the favorites against Corinthians,” Juca says.

The journalist finds it strange that Manu Menezes appears as a possible replacement for Sylvinho a few days after his offer was rejected. Syndicate Under the pretext of not wanting to take over a team before the end of the current season.

“The information I have is that Corinthians have already agreed with Mano Menezes. Strange, because Mano Menezes was going to banish Grêmio for not wanting to include a team at the end of the season. Now, Corinthians are in the same position, not in the same position as Grêmio, in relegation, but he is also At the end of the season,” Jukka says.

He also questions what qualifies Manu Menezes, in relation to his latest work, to be the preferred name of the Corinthian director, remembering that after the titles he won during his time in Sea tripHe did not succeed in his paragraphs in Palmeiras, Bahia and Al-Nasr in Saudi Arabia.

“Moreover, what is the last good work of Manu Menezes? I wonder, between a candidate for a new style by Manu Menezes and Tate, because Sylvinho is a pupil of both and Manu Menezes is already very old, don’t I know if that would be a solution for Corinthians, but the information What I have received from a very good source within Corinthians is that Sylvinho will not be coach of Corinthians after that next week.”

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