June 24, 2024

Just 3 simple questions that will test your IQ! answer now

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Just 3 simple questions that will test your IQ!  answer now

Have you ever heard of a cognitive reflection test? This is one Exam It is a very simple IQ test that can help keep your brain in the best shape and also test your intelligence.

Some types of tests are quite bulky, which can make a person tired while performing them. However, thinking of the practicality of those who would do it, the following quiz contains quick questions that can make your mind think.

Only then will you be completely sure whether you are going in the right direction and whether you have it I.Q It’s modern. Are you willing to try? So answer the following questions and get ready!

Answer these three questions and challenge your logic with this IQ test

  1. The racket and ball cost R$1.10 in total. A bat costs $1 more than a ball. What is it worth?
  2. In the lake there is a bed of royal water lilies. Every day, the park doubles in size. It takes 48 days for the surface of the water lilies to cover the entire lake. How long will it take them to cover half of it?
  3. If it takes five machines five minutes to make five cycles, how long will it take 100 machines to make 100 cycles?

These three seemingly simple questions can change your day, and even more so if you get them right. For a sense of complete satisfaction, they were used in a study in 2005, developed by Shane Frederick of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At that time, about 3,000 students had responded, but many people were unable to complete the study. On the Internet, about 83% of people get questions wrong.

Do you already know the answers? Let’s hand them over now.

a result

  1. 0.05 Brazilian Real
  2. 47 days.
  3. five minutes.

According to Sean Frederick himself, the correct answers will only be found if you suppress the answer that first appeared in your mind. This is because it will sound like it is so right and everything is so simple, but there it is dumps.

How: If in the first question you answered that the difference is 10 cents, you’re wrong. This is because, for Frederick, it only takes a quick reflection to realize that the difference between R$1 and R$0.10 is 90 cents. Therefore, a person has to think a lot to come to the right conclusion.

This type of quiz always throws in the quips to see how well your brain is working and if you are paying close attention to the questions. Of course, the interpretation is also important, but you need to watch the pranks that the situation plays. Did you get any of the three questions right?

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