February 20, 2024
Justice and Banks real estate auction at 50% discount

Justice and Banks real estate auction at 50% discount

By the end of October, the federal court and various financial institutions will auction real estate at a 50% discount. There are opportunities with initial bids of 33,000 R$, a house in Goiás, with an area of ​​96.6 square metres, for example.

The Federal Court auction takes place on October 25 and features about 70 properties. Among the options are houses, apartments, warehouses, commercial offices, etc. in different cities in the state of São Paulo.

Bids will be submitted at Fidalgo Leilões . website Depending on the property, payment can be made in cash or in installments.

Platform Zuckerman Auctions More than 400 banking properties will be auctioned off in the last days of October. institutions from Brazil, BradescoInter, Itai, Ban, Safra, and Santander.

Opportunities exist in different states of the country such as Amazonas, Amaba, Bahia, Ceará, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Parana, among others.

In both locations, you can also find properties that will be auctioned by TJ-SP (São Paulo Court of Justice) in the coming weeks.

Interested parties must register in advance with personal data and be aware of the notice. Any natural or legal person can participate if he has documents and check papers for payment.

Beware of occupied property

There is occupied property. It is up to the buyer to take action and bear any expenses to settle and vacate the property. Specialists recommend buying properties that are preferably unoccupied and give advice on how to read the notice carefully and visit the property in advance, if possible (Look at this and other tips before buying a property at auction).