February 28, 2024

Justice orders to ban Galvão Bueno’s accounts

Galvao Bueno

247 – Galvao Bueno, the famous football narrator, is going through hard times, facing a judicial process to carry out extrajudicial executive office, with a request for arrest, capital Cities. This means that your bank accounts can be banned at any time. Work began on June 21 of this year.

In addition to Galvão, the other parties involved in the operation are the narrator’s winery, Bueno Wines Distribuidora, Letícia Ferro Costa Galvão (his daughter) and Desireé Romero Soares Galvão Bueno (his wife).

The defendants admitted to having a debt of R$600,000 owed by the plaintiff. However, they only paid R$149,000 before maturity and another R$200,000 after the deadline. Given Galvão Bueno’s great wealth, the debtors are accused of having perfect debt settlement terms. However, they chose to ignore deadlines and collections, preferring to keep the money in the bank rather than pay what they owed.

Tired of this situation, Galvão decided to file a lawsuit and demanded that tough measures be taken to ensure his rights. Failure to pay this debt is unacceptable, especially considering that the country’s most famous storyteller has an estimated net worth of R$930 million.

On Friday (23), the Justice approved the reservation request through the SISBAJUD system, withholding any amount belonging to Defendants Carlos Eduardo Santos Galvão Bueno, Vicnet Productions Ltd., Bueno Wines Distroboydora de Bipedas Ltd. and Finicola Galvão Bueno Ltd., up to the credit limit due from R$ 324,980.04. This means that Galvão may have a large amount blocked in his accounts in the near future.

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