June 24, 2024

Justice recognizes Vasco’s right to play in the Maracana whenever he wants | Vasco

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Justice recognizes Vasco's right to play in the Maracana whenever he wants |  Vasco

The Court of Justice in Rio de Janeiro recognized, this Wednesday, the right of Vasco To play in the Maracana whenever he wants – except, of course, on the days when there are already scheduled matches. This is the first ruling on the merits of the case (ie, not in an injunction) to be published on the subject.

The information was first published by the channel “Attention Vascaínos” and then confirmed by ge. Judge Alessandro Oliveira Felix’s decision, of Civil Court No. 51, is of the same process that allowed Vasco to lead the Maracana in the match against Sport on July 3, in the 16th round of Serie B of Brazil. At the time, an injunction forced the consortium to make the stadium available.

Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro – Photo: André Durão / GloboEsporte.com

last week, Flamengo asked in court for guarantees that the decision in favor of Vasco relates solely and exclusively to a match against Sport.. The club’s fear was that the sentence would set a precedent for it to make the pitch available whenever requested. Judge Lucia Regina Esteves has yet to appear in connection with this request.

As for Thursday’s decision, the consortium can still appeal to the second instance. Check out an excerpt from the sentence:

“It is also worth noting that the respondent has only the right to authorize the use of public property in a perilous manner. The intended site is a public good of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and the respondent is merely the permission of the collector, not the owner, to be clear that the term of the permission is binding on both parties .

The above term specifies that “subject to availability of dates, other clubs in the State of Rio de Janeiro will be permitted to play official matches in the Maracana,” as well as “the licensee shall permit use of the stadium under equal conditions by other clubs in professional football.” […] and that the defendant must manage the process in order to host the largest number of first-class football matches on the stadium.

Since there is no match scheduled on the said date and taking into account the fact that matches are often held on consecutive days, there is no need to think about risking the condition of the stadium, given the health, safety and security of the public. “.

João Almirante comments on Vasco's retreat to "to fight" by Maracanã

Joao Almirante comments on Vasco’s decline when he “fights” for the Maracana

Judge Vasco only denied the right to rent Maracanã under the same financial terms as Fluminense, which was one of the requests made by the club in the first part of the process. Therefore, Vasco’s claim was partially upheld.

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