February 20, 2024

Lajeado gets its first women-exclusive studio, focused on integrated training, nutrition, and LPF

Studio Mulher – Integrated Training, Nutrition and LPF, opens its doors July 1st as Vale do Taquari’s first women-exclusive studio. Created by Evelin Steffens Larentis, a licensed personal trainer and LPF, along with Daiane Weschenfelder, a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and physiology, the main goal of the studio is to cater to the specific needs of the female audience.

With a human and individual approach, Studio Mulher analyzes each client’s history and goals before developing a customized training plan. Ownership partners understand that women have unique characteristics, and therefore, they provide a service that focuses on their individual characteristics.

One of the studio’s specialties is working with pregnant and postpartum women, providing safe and effective training for this very important stage. In addition, Studio Mulher specializes in understanding how the female body works and uses best training practices to improve its clients’ results.

Classes at Studio Mulher can be one-on-one, with personal coaching, or in small groups, in a semi-ad hoc format. The studio offers two main training methods:

1. Integrated exercises: A mixture of methods that can be practiced in isolation or combined with one another, which enhances results. Among the options are functional training, bodybuilding, Mat Pilates (individual Pilates that uses materials such as balls, rubber, accessories, and your own body weight), aerobics, and other activities.

2. LPF (Low Pressure Fitness): A posture and breathing training method that strengthens the abdomen, pelvic floor, and spine, while realigning the entire body, including the organs. LPF is particularly suitable for people with back pain, pregnant women, and postpartum women, because it does not apply pressure within the abdomen. In addition, this method is known to reduce abdominal circumference by up to 12 cm.

Benefits of the method offered by Studio Mulher include postural improvements, reduced back pain, prevention and treatment of incontinence, prevention and restoration of flatulence, reduced stress and anxiety, improved bowel function, improved sexual performance, and a reduced tummy. swelling of the lower extremities, improving athletic performance and relieving GERD.

In addition to integrated training services, Studio Mulher also offers Nutritional care. Under the guidance of a nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition and physiology, goals can be achieved in a healthy and effective way, enhancing the results obtained through training.

Studio Mulher – Integrated Training, Nutrition & LPF is located in Lajeado and interested parties may contact us at Tel. 51 99691-4396 To schedule an initial consultation and learn more about the services offered.

About Evelyn Stephens-Larentice and Diane Fischenfelder: Evelin Steffens Larentis is the creator of Studio Mulher, a personal trainer and licensed LPF. Daiane Weschenfelder is a partner, studio owner, and nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition and exercise physiology. Both have extensive experience and knowledge in this field, ensuring quality service and satisfactory results for their clients.

Studio Mulher – Integrated Training, Nutrition, and LPF arrives to fill a gap in the Lajeado market, providing an exclusive, specialized space for women. Now, all women in the region will be able to enjoy a welcoming environment and qualified professionals, with the aim of achieving a healthier and more balanced life.