April 13, 2024
last!  New WhatsApp scam promising to recall 600 Toyotas;  know more!

last! New WhatsApp scam promising to recall 600 Toyotas; know more!

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One False promotion On behalf of the Toyota brand it was circulated on WhatsApp. In this case, according to the fraudulent message, Toyota will confiscate 600 cars for users who download certain apps. However, this is a scam.

This campaign uses known methods to trick people into clicking a link. Usually, this link is sent by a known contact on WhatsApp, which causes many people to trust the promotion and end up becoming victims.

Thus, when clicking on the link, the user opens a website that imitates the brand’s visual identity. In it, you need to answer a questionnaire and find a gift box, which supposedly contains the prize. However, any attempt guarantees a false award.

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To get the prize, the user needs to share the promotion with their WhatsApp contacts and groups, which helps spread the scam. Furthermore, it directs you to other sites that offer more “rewards” for downloading dangerous apps.

It is important to note that this promotion is not legitimate and Toyota is not promoting this campaign. Therefore, it is a scam that can jeopardize users’ privacy and security, as well as damage the brand image.

How does the scam work?

Security company ESET warns that the redirects used by scammers vary depending on the location of the users IP address. According to her, the scam appears to target Latin America, since the language used is Spanish. Moreover, to make the scam more believable, the malicious apps used in the campaign are available on the official Google Play Store.

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Aiming for financial gain, the apps promise cash rewards to users who sign up. However, these solutions are fake and can expose victims to various risks, such as data theft and virus installation.

The promotion used by scammers never existed. Although they claim to be celebrating Toyota’s 60th anniversary, this celebration took place in 2018.

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