February 25, 2024

Learn how boredom can benefit the brain

Nowadays, with so many entertainment options and increasingly grueling workloads, doing nothing is a rarity. We are not used to the feeling boringAnd there is no free time.

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However, the truth is that boredom, the act of doing nothing and not worrying about the clock, is very good for your health. This peace of mind makes us more alert and creative, as well as avoiding mental health problems.

Check out the benefits of spending at least a few minutes enjoying the joy of doing absolutely nothing!

The benefits of boredom for your brain

More interest in activities

According to an article in Scientific American, downtime replenishes the brain’s reserves of interest and motivation. In other words, doing nothing “encourages productivity and Creativity They are necessary to achieve higher levels of income.”

More creativity

According to neuroscientist Alicia Walf, a researcher in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the United States, it is essential for brain health to feel bored.

Moreover, as British psychologist Sandy Mann writes in her book The Science of Boredom, boredom can “inspire creativity, reflection, and intelligent thinking.”

Fewer mental disorders

Finally, doing nothing for a few moments helps the brain relax and recover. In this sense, it can mitigate or avoid problems such as: anxietydepression and stress. Disconnect is necessary!

How do you do nothing?

The most important thing to do is step away from your work environment, especially if you work from home. Also, try to stay away from your cell phone.

It is preferable to be in the middle of nature or in the company of the people you love. Don’t worry about being productive right now, and believe you’ll be more creative and attentive when you come back.

Photo: fizkes/Shutterstock