June 24, 2024

Learn how to become offline and invisible on WhatsApp in 2022

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Learn how to become offline and invisible on WhatsApp in 2022

A feature long awaited by those who use The WhatsApp It is the ability to hide the message “online” that denounces all access in the messenger. It seems that the release of this tool is near.

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Latest update from whatsapp trial version It brings a function that makes the person offline and free to browse the app without knowing the contacts. The novelty allows the user to choose be invisible For all contacts or only for specific numbers.

In practice, this is a huge improvement in the way WhatsApp is used, which until then only allowed restrictions on the use of “last seen” information in conversations. When activated, contacts don’t know when the person last used the app, but that doesn’t stop them from hiding an “Online” status below their name.

Learn how to be invisible on WhatsApp

before starting Step by step to make yourself invisible on WhatsAppIt should be noted that this new function is still in the testing phase for Android phones running v2.22.16.12 of WhatsApp beta.

If this is your case, here’s how to work offline in Messenger in a few steps:

  1. arrive to The WhatsApp;
  2. In the messenger, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen;
  3. Then go to “Settings”, then “Account”;
  4. Then, click on “Privacy” and then on “Last seen and online”;
  5. Go to “Who can see when I’m online”;
  6. Once you’re done, select who can see if you’re using the app: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” “My Contacts Except…” or “Nobody.”

Finally, there’s another way to stay more “anonymous” in the app. In the Privacy pane, users can also select if they want their contacts to receive a read receipt with the two blue dashes.

On the other hand, the same user will not be able to access the read confirmation by the contact. In this case, the only exceptions are group chats.

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