February 1, 2023
Learn how to have up to R$3,000 in your hand

Learn how to have up to R$3,000 in your hand

Those negative can count on some options for lend🇧🇷 Several modalities have emerged in Brazil to serve this audience. One of them is Cell phone warranty🇧🇷 For her, those with an indecent name can use their smartphone as collateral when applying for a loan.

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Negative people who choose this type of loan need to be careful and plan ahead. This is because in case of non-payment, the person’s phone may be blocked. The loan amount varies depending on the institution providing the service.

Cell phone as collateral

In general, credit options in the market range from R$300 to R$3,000. Everything will also depend on what kind of cell phone the customer has, that is, the value of the device. Payment is almost always divided into 12 installments.

Among the options on the market is Bom para Credito. The personal loan interest is 0.75% per month. Pricing varies according to each customer profile. The loan amount starts at R$2,000 and the company is also looking at cell phone models. The loan repayment period is high, reaching 120 months – that is 10 years.

Another option is FinanZero. The company also guarantees credit to passive people and leaves a cell phone as collateral. The values ​​range between R$500 and R$900 and the interest rate is 1.49%.

Juvo also has a special offer for those negative. Credit ranges from R$500 to R$2,500. The amount can be paid in 11 installments and the interest is 11.9% per month.

Another option is Mister Money. The entire recruitment process is 100% digital and funds are released within a day. The balance can be paid in a maximum of 12 installments.

There is also a Super Sim demo. If the customer fails to pay the installments, the device will be blocked and only receive emergency phone calls. The offer is 2000 Brazilian reals Limit The maximum and interest ranges from 12.9% per month to 17.5% per month, with the ability to pay in 12 installments.