June 14, 2024

Learn how to read deleted WhatAspp messages

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Learn how to read deleted WhatAspp messages

feature of settings smart phones It allows the user to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

However, first of all it is necessary to mention that the function is not available for iOS devices, that is, for iPhone, from the American Apple brand. The function is exclusive to Android devices.


How to access deleted WhatsApp messages

deleted whatsapp messages 2
The function of reading deleted WhatsApp messages is not available on iPhone | Photo: Pixabay

Check below necessary steps to read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android.

  • 1. To get started, access your Android ‘Settings’;
  • 2. Then go to “Notifications”.
  • 3. Click on “Advanced Settings”.
  • 4. Find “Notification History” and enable this Android-exclusive option.

After following the steps, you will be able to read the received and deleted messages in the notification history.

To do this, simply access the notification area and select the options to find the history of received messages.

Because there are different models of androidfrom different brands, the steps may vary depending on the device.

In general, smartphones provide users with a tool with a “magnifying glass” design, so that they can search for any topic that interests them.

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When this function is hard to find, just search for “Notification History” and copy the same operation as above.

Although iOs users can’t follow the steps, they can help most Brazilians. That’s because Android is the country’s favorite smartphone operating system, or at least the most consumed (and affordable).

Almost 80% of Brazilian users connect via Android devices, according to a survey by the Statisa platform. iPhone accounts for only 21.5% of devices.

Despite this, more Brazilians have committed to the smartphone Steve Jobs. In February 2022, for example, Android devices accounted for 90% of smartphones in Brazil. Since then, the number has only decreased.

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