June 23, 2024

Leo Bacon apologizes for controversial comment after receiving a phone call from Wenderson Nunes: ‘I can understand the wound’; Watch

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Leo Bacon apologizes for controversial comment after receiving a phone call from Wenderson Nunes: 'I can understand the wound';  Watch

Friendly advice! This Tuesday (31st) afternoon, the influencer Liu Bacon He starred in the controversy that got people talking on social media. In a series of stories on your profile on InstagramThe young man who walked the streets of Recife, Pernambuco, A local boy is referred to as a “drug dealer”. After the statement did not satisfy netizens and earned him a lot of criticism, Liu took a stand on the matter, but it was a conversation with the comedian. Wenderson Nunes Which encouraged him to apologize publicly.

Earlier this afternoon (1), Liu returned to using his social networks to speak out. According to him, Nunes’ call opened his eyes to the reality of the situation. “I just got a call from someone I love very much, Whindersson, and through our conversation he was able to explain why my joke resonated so much.” The influencer started. “I can understand the wound I have caused, and I would like to apologize to everyone, to the boy, to the family, I am trying to contact them”, reinforced.

As a result, Bacon, who had already claimed the comment was “out of context” by his critics and the press, went back to justifying himself, this time in a different way. “mettle (Wenderson) He often came to my intention, we know each other, he knows my intentions, and I appreciate the love in my letters. But the messages we send do not always reach our intentions, ” He said.

“I was in order to create content, to create funny situations, and in that context this game didn’t go well. At first, I wanted to defend myself, but having time to think is very important for everything in our lives, and to talk to people too, just like him. (Wenderson) to speak [comigo] And realize my mistake”, resident. “I was very concerned about explaining my intentions, but that’s what I said, our results don’t always match our intentions. And when that happens, we have to reassess and talk to people and talk to them was very important to me”, added.

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“I would like to thank you very much for your letter, for your concern and to make it clear, in light of all the letters I have read, that I have great affection and great respect for all people from all over the world, in all of all ways of expressing yourself,” Bacon said. “I always want to put it up, and our intentions don’t always match up with our results and that’s what happened. I really want to put everyone else down, and that’s not what happened, but my intention always will be,” insist on.

Paulista also assessed that the ‘narration’ generated on the web was ‘too far from its intent’ and that this encouraged him to try to justify himself, at first, ‘like a child when a vase breaks’. He also used the statement to emphasize that he no longer wanted to talk about the topic. “I’d like to end this, I have nothing to say about it. Just apologize, say this situation does not represent my values, what I am, and what I cherish”, Liu asked. And this cliché, anyone who knows me knows what I preach, knows what I plant, knows my work, and of course when that 15-second piece is unfolded, it creates a completely different picture of who I am and that automatically generates a self-defense desire mechanism, to explain oneself, insist on. The boy concluded his revolution, thanking the support of those who stood by him amidst the confusion.

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understand the situation

Leo Bacon’s controversy began this Tuesday (31), when the boy recorded some stories on the streets of Recife, Pernambuco, referring to a local boy as a “drug dealer”. With negative reflection, the businessman spoke about the video, explaining that his speech was taken out of context.

On the original record, Bacon was in the car and playing speaking Spanish. When he saw the little boy on the street he said:I’ll show you how to speak Spanish to a drug dealer in RecifeThen the influencer called the junior, asking for directions to a particular location. Leo even wrote in the story:information dealer“.

Later, the businessman tried to explain the situation. “I was shooting several videos in Spanish and dealing with what I was experiencing day in and day out, there in Spanish, as a joke, as if it was something to do with the Spanish mafia because the hablar en espanõl es un life, I referred to a child as a drug dealer and filmed it. I made a point in writing “Information Smuggler” because, in the whole context…He told his stories.

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Now they took this excerpt from the video and put it on different portals and kept coming up that I called a kid a drug dealer, and they started raising elitism and anything, when in fact it has nothing to do with that. It was clearly a game that when you pick it up, separate it, and take it out of context, it’s easy. It’s a dish made for anyone who wants to attack me, for anyone who wants to denigrate me, and for anyone who wants to create a story that manipulates meBacon complained.

I get a lot of advice to be calm and less of what I do, but I strive a lot to be able to express myself and do the things I love to do, have fun, and that generate a smile. I didn’t humiliate anyone, I didn’t mean to… To take a little clip of this ride, fifteen seconds in which I’m speaking as a character, I’m playing a Spanish-language show and they put that hurt a lot. It ends up creating news that goes against everything I believe inHe continued, stressing that he was in Recife to start a project to encourage young entrepreneurs.

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