February 28, 2024

Letters sent to Americanas CPI show the actions of the managers in the scam

Last Tuesday, the current CEO of The AmericansAnd Leonardo Coelho Pereiraled to CPI Who investigates the hole in the retailer Email messages that it internal documents Which proves, according to him, that fraud occurred in the company’s financial results.

According to Pereira, the previous board concealed operations irregular financing And established internal mechanisms for Hide information from the board of directors and the financial market.

The executives, according to emails and WhatsApp messages, combined strategies to falsify the numbers. For the CEO, the gap goes beyond a “Accounting discrepancy” It must be seen as a crime.

The material submitted to CPI focuses primarily on the former CEO Miguel Gutierrez and its board. The documents do not mention The major shareholders of Americana, the trio of billionaires Beto Secubira, Jorge Paulo Lehmann that it Marcel Telles.

Americana created Forged contracts Budget advertising collaborative (VPC) with suppliers to reduce costs, generate false money, and reduce losses. Documents show that inflated revenues were put on file Spreadsheet with access to EC only.

Even the spreadsheets provided by Pereira look “naive” and show a column called “Internal vision”which indicates a loss 733 million Brazilian reals. in the column “council opinion”there is a profit statement 2.8 billion Brazilian reals.

The current CEO of Americanas also showed an exchange of messages from Former director Timothy Barros.

“We can’t show the board and the market Nothing higher than R$3 billion. It would be sudden death.” Director wrote.

Image: reproduction

Leonardo Pereira also showed up Forging signatures in cacharted risk routes, The method of prepayment of receivables made by companies.