June 23, 2024

Linhares announces R$1,000 bonus for servers and a 10% readjustment in 2022

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Linhares announces allowing servers. Credit: Linhares City Hall / Disclosure

city ​​hall Linharis Last Monday night (29) announced that it will give Instead of 1000 Brazilian riyals For all civil servants this year, which will be credited in the food voucher, as well as a written 10% salary adjustment in 2022. Announced by the Mayor Guerino Zanon (MDB) during a city council session.

Benefits cover employees working in the executive branch, retired and retired municipal employees, as well as employees of municipal government companies, the Independent Water and Sewerage Service and Linhares College of Higher Education. For retirees and retirees, the allowance will be credited to the payroll.

The city council also announced a special adjustment to teaching professionals’ salaries ranging from 12% to 31%, depending on their position on the payroll. With the adjustment, in 2022, the lowest starting salary for professionals will be R$2,368.44. Guerino also announced the civil servants’ advance payment, which represents a linear 5% increase in salaries.

The value of the food ticket will also be adjusted and will go from R$435 to R$500, which is an increase of 14.94%. In addition, nearly R$10 million will be paid out in the lawsuits.

camera session

The benefits were announced by the mayor during the regular session of Linhares City Council and are in line with the city’s positions and salary plan. The pre-package represents an annual impact of R$30 million on the payroll and the municipality begins paying salary benefits in 2022.

Guerino Zanon (MDB)
Guerino Zanon (MDB), Mayor of Linhares. Credit: Disclosure / Consultation

Bills outlining the amendments to the General Staff will be sent to the Linhares City Council in January 2022, in accordance with Supplementary Law 173, which prohibits pay increases for public officials, changes to the job structure, admission or appointment of employees, increases in benefits or allowances, time counting as a period of entitlement To award bonuses for length of service and bonus leave, among others. Those related to the education authority are already in the city council for a vote.

According to the Municipal Minister of Finance and Planning, Valdir Masukati, the amendment will take effect after the approval of the relevant bills. “We have made all the calculations according to the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) and the evolution of the economy since January. We understand that this replacement is necessary so that the server is not hurt by inflation. At the same time, a responsible alternative, because we are able to pay our contracts and expenses and keep our payroll updated.”

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