May 31, 2023
Lola appears who he is whenever he opens his mouth to the despair of the Labor Party - News

Lola appears who he is whenever he opens his mouth to the despair of the Labor Party – News

The election campaign hasn’t officially started yet, but we all know who Lula’s main opponent is: himself. The inappropriate, disastrous and self-destructive data set presented by the Labor candidate has already formed a string of pearls – which, if it continues like this, will surely be prolific before October.

Labour’s lack of verbal control is compulsive, to the desperation of allies and advisors. It was enough silence, but Lula preferred to adorn the struggle of the party with a rosary of unnecessary, if not offensive, speeches to those who had not turned to the Labor Party. Examples abound.

The latter (and not necessarily the worst) was to blame the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky – on a par with fellow Russian Vladimir Putin – for the war the world is witnessing in which one invader can be seen, Russia. If we add this to Lula’s recently reiterated defense of the Nicaraguan and Cuban dictatorships, the scandalous, outdated, and misleading foreign policy package will be closed.

Lula, the reason is unknown, warned the nation that he intended to include the workers’ movement in his eventual government and recommended that protesters go to the House of Representatives to put pressure on those who do not follow the ideals of the union movement. what a beauty.

Of course, the regulation of the media, a topic frankly rejected by Brazilian society, could not be missing in the speeches of the former president, as well as the superficial and prejudiced criticism of the middle class daring to have more than one television on the home page.

Want to get worse? Lula is not afraid: He said Bolsonaro “does not like people, he likes police officers.” Therefore, humans who work as police officers are not human beings. Why do enemies talk such nonsense?

A genius, that candidate who, every time he opens his mouth, releases words and ideas that elicit applause from a few – always the same words – and bewilderment in most people.