February 29, 2024

Look at the situation! How you sit reveals your personality traits

The body talks all the time, giving signals about new certainties, insecurities and sensations. Have you ever noticed the way you sit, for example? Know that a simple gesture like this can say a lot about your way of being and genius. Learn to identify and convey the message you really want to get across.

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The way we sit is something that happens very automatically. We’re in a place, comfortable or not, so we show our comfort level without paying the slightest heed. This is natural and simple yet full of information about the ways of being and feeling each one, depending on the situation.

How do you sit?

a a personality It is defined by several aspects. Therefore, they are not isolated things that convey certainty about each individual’s way of being. On the contrary: it is the sum of the factors that must be taken into account.

The way a person sits can say a lot about their way of being and expressing themselves, after all, we are talking about body languagewhich is a type of non-verbal communication that includes gestures, facial expressions, posture, eye movement, and many other actions.

It is an unconscious method behavior.

See below positions and tell us which one is yours. Then analyze the meaning of what it says about you.

way of sitting

Method 1

According to a study conducted by Ohio State University, people who sit with their knees straight are perceived as self-confident, have a healthy and positive view of themselves, that is, they are more secure.

Method 2

Those who sit with their knees apart are seen as self-absorbed, arrogant, and judgmental when in reality they are more restless and anxious. They are also very afraid of mistakes.

Method 3

Squatting people are the most creative and do not seek to be the center of attention.

Method 4

Sitting with your ankles crossed is a common position in the British royal family, did you know? It denotes elegance, refinement and safety. curious!

Method 5

Sitting with one leg crossed over the other knee suggests confidence and control. It conveys an image that is authoritative, yet relaxed, somewhat confident and youthful.