March 30, 2023
Luciano Hack misses the 'Domingu' name straight away: 'Sorry, I'll get used to it'

Luciano Hack misses the ‘Domingu’ name straight away: ‘Sorry, I’ll get used to it’

Confused Luciano Hack this afternoon called “Domingão” “Caldeirão”, his old programme, now run by Marcos Millon. During the framework of the program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, the presenter invited the audience to help his guest and said:

Boiler family. Oops, sorry. I said I would make mistakes every week, and I told you I would make mistakes every week. First mistake, let’s go! There is no way, it is a habit. I’ll get used to it, okay? “

Huck, who started the show by playing with the audience and calling them a “vaccine audience,” praised Actor Luis Gustavo passed away today at the age of 87due to complications of cancer.

The announcer dedicated Sunday to the artist:

Domingão appears on the air in a different way, with the news of the loss of one of the great names of television, Aziz Tatá, Luis Gustavo. He was the man who had always made the Brazilian family smile for generations. I took a prime place on Sunday, I have a wonderful emotional memory with “Sai de Baixo”, among many other significant roles. Today’s program will be a tribute to Luis Gustavo.”

Luciano Huck honors actor Luis Gustavo in “Domingão com Huck”

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

Luciano Hack debuts in command of “Domingao” on September 6, was marked by some errors in the cut and a mistake by the presenter: he celebrated the debut and said he started “on the right foot”.

However, after the program, The presenter ignored the errors and just celebrated: “What a day! What an emotion! I’m home now. Tired, relaxed and so happy! Thanks to everyone who accompanied Domingao. We started on the right foot. He’s coming a lot more! We’ll continue together.”