February 26, 2024
Luis Castro admits the decline in Botafogo's production after Cuiaba's goal and defends the players: "I know all the difficulties we went through"

Luis Castro admits the decline in Botafogo’s production after Cuiaba’s goal and defends the players: “I know all the difficulties we went through”

the coach Luis Castro admit that the Botafogo Decreased a lot in production after waiving a target cuiaba And basically, after the second goal of visitors in 2-0 defeat this Tuesday (1/1), in Nilton Santos Stadium. The Portuguese lamented yet another setback for the team at home in the press conference.

It is a fact that we achieve better results away from home than at home. Why this happened: Almost today, it was obvious not being able to convert the four clear chances we had before Cuiaba’s goal into a goal. If we do that, there will be peace that will lead us to another outcome. Cuiaba’s goal left the team a bit uneasy. There is a match up to 1-0 and there is basically a worse match after 2-0. We were a good team up until that point, but after 1-0 we played a poor match. – He confessed.

After the final whistle, Luis Castro gathered all the players to leave the field together, to the jeers of the crowd. The Alfinegro coach explained the situation and tried to appreciate his teammates.

I don’t even forget what the players did that with four rounds left, we are struggling to get a place in Editors. I know what we’ve been through all season, all the hardships and how hard they have worked to get out of the tough times. I do not close my eyes to what is happening in the team, I always think about what happened in the match and do not forget the past. He was there to say we got this far together and we’d be together until the end. Let’s keep fighting to win the next matches – He said.