June 14, 2024

Lula says that Brazil’s relationship with China is not “capable of creating scratches” with the United States | Policy

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Lula says that Brazil’s relationship with China is not “capable of creating scratches” with the United States |  Policy

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on the last day of his official trip to China, Friday (14), that the relationship with the Asian country does not cause scratches between Brazil and the United States.

In the international arena, China is locked in a dispute with the United States, Brazil’s historical partner, in crucial areas such as trade, industry and technology.

The president spoke to the press on his way out of the hotel. This Friday night, Brasilia time, he started to head back to Brazil. Before arriving in Brasilia, he will pay an official visit to Abu Dhabi.

Upon leaving the hotel, Brazilian journalists asked if Lula feared a negative reaction from the United States.

“I don’t believe it and there is no reason for that. When I go to talk to the United States, I’m not worried about what China will think. I’m talking about my country’s sovereign interests. When I speak for China, I’m not. I’m worried about what the United States thinks. This What the United States, China and all countries are doing,” Lula said.

The president also said that in order to grow, Brazil does not need to separate and fight with anyone. . He defended that Brazil carries out actions and agreements with all countries, in accordance with national interests and sovereignty.

He said, “I leave satisfied because I felt a strong desire from Xi Jinping and the ministers for this interaction with Brazil. Our strategic relationship is getting better and better and we don’t need to fight and part with anyone to get better.” Lola.

Lula also mentioned that during his trip to China, he visited telecommunications company Huawei with the aim of technological growth in Brazil. Huawei is a competitor to US companies in this sector.

“I went to visit Huai, because I need to bring about a digital revolution in our country. Our country is very backward,” the president said.

Lula says no one will stop Brazil from improving its relationship with China, and signs 15 agreements with Xi Jinping

The war in Ukraine

Lula was also asked about the conversation with Xi Jinping about the war in Ukraine, which Russia has invaded since February 2022.

The president reported that in a conversation with Xi Jinping, he once again defended his idea of ​​having a group of neutral countries mediate peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

“yesterday [sexta-feira] We discussed at length with Xi Jinping. It is necessary to form a group of countries willing to find a way to make peace. I mean, I talked about it [em reuniões anteriores] With the Europeans, I already discussed this with the Americans, and I discussed it yesterday.”

Lula also said that countries that supply arms to the conflict must stop this attitude. The United States and Western European countries are helping Ukraine with weapons.

“It is necessary above all to convince the countries that supply arms and encourage war to stop,” Lula said.

“It is necessary for the United States to stop encouraging war and start talking about peace. It is necessary for the European Union to start talking about peace, so that we can convince Putin [presidente da Rússia] And Zelensky [presidente da Ucrânia] He added that peace is of interest to everyone and the war at the moment is only interesting to both of them.

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