March 4, 2024
Maduro plans "direct dialogue" with the United States that includes recharging business |  Globalism

Maduro plans “direct dialogue” with the United States that includes recharging business | Globalism

President VenezuelaAnd Nicolas MaduroHe said on Monday (16) that he intends to “open a direct dialogue” with the government United StateAfter he severed relations between the two countries two years ago, as part of the negotiation process he is continuing with the Venezuelan opposition in Mexico.

“We will plan at the negotiating table in Mexico to open a direct dialogue with the US government to deal with all bilateral issues (…) If we put an agenda on the table, we can bring back the Chargé d’Affairs,” the president said at a press conference with the international press.

Are we ready for direct dialogue with the US government? I say to them: We are always ready, but they must surrender in their arrogance, in their hatred and contempt. And if we put an agenda on the table, we can signify the return of the Chargé d’Affairs.”

Maduro cut diplomatic ties with Washington in January 2019 after Donald Trump’s government recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as responsible president, along with half a hundred countries.

The Trump government has long maintained a direct confrontation with Maduro, whom it has called a “dictator”, has been bombarded with sanctions – including an oil embargo – and has not recognized him as president since his re-election in 2018, in an election deemed rigged. .

Therefore, “we had an indirect dialogue and dialogue in various ways with the government of Donald Trump,” Maduro admitted.

with arrival Joe Biden To power, the Venezuelan president has been open to resuming dialogues with the United States.

“I hope that after this dialogue table, it will be possible to open levels and avenues of communication, dialogue and negotiation with the US government,” he said.

Last Friday, the Venezuelan government and opposition held new negotiations in Mexico to end the deep political and economic crisis in the country, with the aim of suspending US sanctions and electoral guarantees.

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