June 7, 2023
Manu admits there are tactical problems in the Inter draw: "closer to defeat" |  international

Manu admits there are tactical problems in the Inter draw: “closer to defeat” | international

Inter did not play well In a 1-1 draw with Atlético Go in Beira Rio. Even Manu Menezes admitted the team was on the verge of defeat on Monday night. The team’s problems, according to the coach, boil down to tactical matters.

Unlike other matches in which the team behaved well, Colorado surrendered after opening the scoring in the 11th minute, with Anderson. The opponent dominated the game and created situations to win. Analysis Manu agreed with at a press conference. In addition to praising Atlético-GO’s tactical behavior, he lamented the team’s mistakes.

I think we were closer to losing than winning. In the first half, despite going ahead and getting a golden opportunity, we didn’t control the match, and we never got it.

– Manu Menezes

– Our problems were tactical. We have to understand and solve. Show why we can’t pressure the opponent. We were always at the mercy of holding the ball back, which reminds you to play on the counterattack. Our biggest problem was with the game. Play Marlon Freitas for free. This led to another disengagement – the coach explained.

Mano Menezes regrets Inter’s draw against Atletico Go – Photo: Riccardo Duarte / Internacional

And new among the ball carriers was 19-year-old striker Mateus Kadorini, who had the opportunity to increase the score in 26 of the preliminary stage, but hit poorly in the hands of the goalkeeper. The choice of the boy was aimed at aggression against the offensive sector.

– It wasn’t about the game, it was about our team. We wanted more aggressiveness in the area, we had a move with David, and at times we lacked the strongest finish. The attempt was to make that reach with Cadorini. Our options are Wesley and Cadorini, Manu said, and the others are movement.

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The tie leaves Colorado standing on the table. She is in the twelfth place with 11 points. The next match will be on Sunday, at 19:00, against Bragantino away from home.