February 27, 2024

Marcelo D2 says he waited 30 years for a samba album and tells how religion helped him cope with grief | music

Marcelo D2 at g1 Heard – Photo: Fábio Tito/g1

The singer from Rio de Janeiro has just released the album “IBORU, HOPE YOU HEAR OUR CALLS”. On the ninth album of his career, D2 mixes signals with the intention of presenting the “neo-traditional samba”.

In addition to his solo career, Marcelo D2 is touring with Planet Hemp, who has released a new album, “Jardineiros”.

D2 opened his post by saying he had waited 30 years for this samba album. “It’s part of my maturation as a man, as a musician, as a father, as a husband.”

The singer stated that the album was a reunion with his religiosity. “I ran away a little bit from religion, because I thought it was in a temple and not in us. That faith I had was the faith I had in friendship and love. It’s going to be all right.”

He even stated that this encounter with religion is also related to the death of his mother, whose voice he recorded at the album’s opening. “I found comfort there when I lost my mother. I suffered more when I lost my father. But when my mother was gone, I now understood that passage a little more. I felt more proud of having time to live with her than being upset with a god.”

He also said that the idea to put his mother’s voice on the album was because he had begun to appreciate her voice more after her death.

“Another gold in hand”

Marcelo D2 says he waited 30 years for his samba album

Marcelo D2 feels blessed and privileged with his new album.

“Looks like I have another one in my hands. It feels like I’m back in the time searching for ‘A Busca da Batida Perfeita’. To suggest this record is something new. With a career of 30 years, 55, to say there’s something new? It’s a privilege. Not Something new to break out and be successful. It’s something I really believe in,” said the artist.

D2 also stated that he intends, with this new album, to bring samba to the “TikTok generation”.


Throughout the interview, D2 repeatedly mentioned the name of his wife, producer Luisa Machado. The two got married on February 12, 2020. Since then, the producer has continually influenced the artist’s projects, as happened with the “Asem Playing My Drums” project, which was recorded and released during the pandemic.

“We’re so active around here. We just got married. It was nice because we kept a loving and admiring look at each other.”

D2 also referenced the album’s entire production process, which was recorded in nearly 200 hours of life. “It was a learning experience.”

Social media

In the chat, Marcelo de 2 talked about his connection to Twitter and mentioned his name, which was mentioned by Jair Bolsonaro.

The singer stated that he was attacked hard at the time, but also received support from several artists. “I think that was the beginning of this war, this place, this herd that made it up. And these four years have been like that. I’m still hurting from so much violence we’ve been through. And my image… is still there. People hate me like hell.”

Marcelo D2 talks about his connection to Twitter and remembers the name Jair Bolsonaro mentioned

hemp planet

In addition to talking about his solo career, D2 has also spoken about his work with Planet Hemp.

“Planet has become a special project of our lives. We have the opportunity to do something less important and without a lot of weight. I think the fear of us coming back to the band is the weight that it was before, of being persecuted” said the singer.

Despite the joy of the tour, the singer revealed that he was sad to release the album “Gardinieros” with the band.

“The day the album came out, I was so sad. It moved me so much. I was devastated for two or three days because I made this album, to talk about it in 2022, about fighting fascism. I’m tired. I’d rather make an album Faith, Hope, Brazil You deserve this “.

Entrepreneur in the cannabis business

Marcelo D2 talks about his business side of the cannabis market

In addition to the music part, D2 also talked about his work in the cannabis market.

“It’s a beautiful track,” said the artist, “but it should have been accessible to many people. It has many tracks and benefits.”

He also talked about licensing for the cultivation and production of medical marijuana. “Against hypocrisy, the whole world understood medicine. In addition to proving that it does not hurt, it begins to prove that it works well.”

D2 has also talked about conversations he has with his kids regarding drugs (“They put a lot of liquor and tobacco in that place. They’re more aware of the recreational and pharmacological use”) and even joked about the musical influence they have brought to your life.

“I am affected by what they hear, but I think I am affected more. I don’t allow a lot of music that I don’t like to be played in my house.”

Marcelo D2 at g1 – Photo: Fábio Tito/g1