June 13, 2024

Marilia Mendonca: Guarding the singer’s son will be shared by Murillo Hoff and her maternal grandmother: “Allergies prevailed”

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last Friday (5), Marilia Mendonca Four victims died after that Plane crash in Serra de Caratinga, Minas Gerais. The singer, who was going through one of the most wonderful phases of her career, left behind her one-year-old son, little Leo. In a statement sent to the newsAnd the artist’s consultant revealed that custody of the child will now be divided between the singer’s father Murillo Hoffand maternal grandmother Ruth Moreira.

The team informed the publication that the decision was made very smoothly between the two. “Allergy prevailed”, he wrote. The news has already been submitted by Journalist Leo Dias, from Metropolis. Ms. Roth even sent a note to the professional talking about this. “We are sure that this will be the will of my daughter. God in his infinite wisdom gave Leo Abba Bara, I respect him very much”, He said.

Murillo Hoff added that he and his ex-wife’s mother had not even thought of any other kind of family formation than this. “My son will be loved by everyone, and we never thought he was different. Marilia can be at peace, because we will be here to protect our boy,” announced.

Marilia Mendonca and Leo
Leo will turn two years old in December of this year. Photo: reproduction

In an interview with “Fantastic”, released Sunday (7), the country singer said his son was already in the care of Ruth. “Leo is fine, thank God. He’s with Marilia’s mother [dona Ruth]. He is too young to understand, there will come a time when she will miss her mother, but at least this pain we are feeling, I don’t think he will miss him. He will miss you. Thank God it is too little to understand.”She revealed, unable to hold back her tears.

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Murillo also spoke about a request made by Marilia Mendonca on that fateful Friday, which ended up becoming a bit of a farewell for him. The last message you sent me was the day this happened [o acidente]. he is [Léo] I was going to my mother’s house and she asked me to take care of him, and watch him because he had been vaccinated. Looks like she was saying goodbye, The singer reflects.

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