February 25, 2024
Massa Silva is surprised by the exciting sweets in France: 'Mó dear'

Massa Silva is surprised by the exciting sweets in France: ‘Mó dear’

Enjoying a trip in Paris, France, 19-year-old Maisa Silva shared with her followers, this morning, a print of the exciting sweets sold at the place and did not hide the surprise at the price of each.

Via Twitter, the presenter posted a photo of the menu with a variety of sweets and joked that the shape is not the traditional one sold in Brazil: “The sweets from France are very different, aren’t they? Do they buy?” , He said.

After that, the young woman said that she and her parents had a good laugh with the delicacies and indicated that the price of 45 euros (276 Brazilian reals in today’s quote) is excessive.

My parents and I saw this list yesterday and stayed (shock emoji). By the way, a millstone is expensive, isn’t it?

Amid the fallout from the photo on the roster, one fan stated that he still doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that she has come of age. But Misa Silva cautioned that the post does not contain any heavy content.

“Perrengue Chic”

yesterday, Maisa told her followers that she went through a little messWhile he was walking around the city of Paris.

“I almost lost the hat Nicholas gave me because it first fell on the street and then fell on these papers under the arm of this statue (laughs) I went to get it but Bill was afraid I’d spoil (even more)” Misa said on Twitter.

Nicholas is the announcer’s friendShe has been with her for nearly 4 years. The 20-year-old did not travel with her to Europe.