June 29, 2022
Mateus Fransa's father from Flamengo asks his son for three goals and wins a 'bonus' in a U-17 match |  flamingo

Mateus Fransa’s father from Flamengo asks his son for three goals and wins a ‘bonus’ in a U-17 match | flamingo

Mateus Fransa guaranteed the family’s joy this Tuesday. This is because the Flamengo midfielder scored four goals against Palmeiras in a 7-3 victory over the Copa Brasil Under-17, and fulfilled the wish of his father Marco Luiz de Oliveira, who asked his son to score three goals in one match. The request came with a “bonus”, as the midfielder scored four goals, one more than his father requested.

I always talk to him about scoring goals and helping the team. I arrived yesterday and said, ‘It’s time for you to score three goals in one game.’ Before the match I called and asked him about his condition, he said he was fine, and wished him well. And then he did it all. Thank God.

Mateus Fransa and his father Marco Luis de Oliveira – Photo: personal archive

This was the first trilogy of Matthew Frances in his career. The midfielder, who has been incorporated into the U-20 class at Flamengo, asked to “get down” to the U-17 on Tuesday to bolster the team. It has succeeded. The youngster led Rio de Janeiro’s victory, scoring four goals and creating a great cover in the departure of goalkeeper Ze Henrique from Palmeiras.

Flamengo vs Palmeiras Brazil U-17 Cup Mateus Franca – Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamengo

Although Matthews Franca is only 17 years old, he collects invitations to youth teams in his approach, as well as lift the Copa America Under-15 Cup in 2019. Born in Campo Grande, Western Region of Rio de Janeiro, the midfielder He has been at Flamengo since he was 12 and won the Brazilian Under-17 for the club.

Mateus Fransa composed four of Flamengo’s seven goals in the win over Palmeiras, and he didn’t fail to honor his father Marcos at the end of the match.

– I’m very happy. You helped my team. my team. My dad asked me about three goals last night. I didn’t score three goals in one match. Today everything went fine. Things happened, thank God. I’m still leaving another target in addition to my father’s request. Those three goals were in his favour.

Matthews Fransa scored four goals, honoring his father and celebrating defeat at Palmeiras

With Mateus Franca at their disposal, Flamengo will face Palmeiras again in São Paulo, in the second leg of the semi-finals, but the duel is yet to be decided. Brazil Under-17 Cup did not score any goal away from home. That way, if Palmeiras wins by four goals, they will decide on penalties.