July 15, 2024

Mayor receives Unimed and businessmen to discuss projects on Avenida Progresso

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Prefeito recebe Unimed e empresários para tratar sobre projetos na Avenida Progresso
Prefeito recebe Unimed e empresários para tratar sobre projetos na Avenida Progresso

Unspecified businessmen and representatives met on Wednesday afternoon (11/16), in the City Council office, with Mayor Ed Thomas, Minister of Planning, Urban Development and Housing Edilson Magno, and Architect Marcelo Morgado, to discuss the Unimed project that will be built on Avenida Progresso Prudente.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the project, to be built on an area of ​​50,000 square meters, on Avenida Progresso Prudente, as well as issues of urban mobility related to the surrounding areas, such as unbuilt areas and areas with a street. The openings will be possible from the road system.

Mayor Ed Thomas spoke about the issue of reducing the bureaucracy created in his administration through municipal laws and ordinances, which seek to expedite approval of projects for upcoming enterprises, and improvements aimed at growth and urban, economic and social development. from the city.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Unimed, supervising director Sandra Lima Oliveira, chief financial officer João Uberto Artoni de Carvalho, entrepreneurs Mario Nerger, Lucas Krasuki, secretary of Siplan, Edilson Magno, lawyers for Unimed, Victor Franco and Victor Ferreira.

The first phase of Avenida Progreso (opened September 2021) is 30 meters wide, designed and implemented by a consortium of entrepreneurs. Once completed, the full route will allow the interconnection of Avenidas Coronel José Soares Marcondes (Uniesp Height) connecting with Avenida Miguel Damha.

The first stage has a linear stretch of 1,100 metres, from Avenida Coronel José Soares Marcondes, near Uniesp, to Córrego do Cedro. In the second stage, there will be another 400 metres, for a total of about 1,500 metres, connecting Avenida Miguel Damha.

Source: Liaison Secretary

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