March 4, 2024

MC Daniel buys a mansion for his mother and cries when he talks about poverty: “I didn’t have R$20” | News

MC Daniel He cried when talking about the difficulties he and his family faced before fame. The artist bought a mansion worth 8 million Brazilian reals and shared the achievement with fans on social networks.

“We came from nothing, the only thing we wanted was money to eat. In this kid’s house, there was no butter, a bottle of water and I told him we’d make it happen,” Daniel began, while filming Your Friend.

The funk singer said: “People will insult you, they will defame you. Not having money hurts so much. Those who died know!”. In the photos, he looks very emotional alongside his family (watch below).

MC Daniel cries when he remembers poverty before fame

Daniel wrote: “I lived in a room. I didn’t have R$20 to help my mother for 8 months. Unbelievable.” “It’s so hard, so painful not to have money. Wanting to eat and not being able to hurt. It hurts to be offended by your clothes, and to lose credibility is painful.”

“I came from nothing and at the worst moment of my life, when I lost even what I didn’t have, I decided to believe rather than give up,” her boyfriend encouraged. Mayan honey.

MC Daniel and Mel Maia – Photo: Webert Belicio/AgNews

MC Daniel and his mother, Daniela Amorim – Photo: Webert Belicio/AgNews