February 21, 2024

Meet the actor’s four heirs

Away from soap operas for a few years, actor Marcos Fruta is about to return to the spotlight with the premiere of the re-enactment of Mulheres de Areia, one of the greatest successes of his career, in which he lives the character of Tonho da Lua. The actor’s personal life also draws public attention, and at the time he was recording the series, Fruta lost his wife, who is the mother of three of his four children. Meet the heirs of the 66-year-old artist!

Amaralina – children of Marcus Frutta

Amaralina Frota was born in 1984 and is the result of the actor’s first marriage to businesswoman Cibele Ferreira, who died in 1993 in a car accident, when the famous actor was recording the TV series Mulheres de Areia. They had been dating since they were teenagers and had been together for about two decades, from 1976 until the year the businesswoman died.

Amaralina followed in her father’s footsteps and entered the world of art. She became an actress, producer and videographer, and has already worked on producing the Rock in Rio music festival. In addition to showing some of her content on Instagram, she also has a TikTok account with more than 22,000 likes on her videos, which are mostly recordings of moods and trends on the social network.

Sons of Marcus Fleet
Amaralina with her father, Marcus Fleet (right) – photo: reproduction / instagram / @amaralina

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Aboena is the son of Marcus Frutta of Sybil

Born in 1981, Aboina is also the heir of Marcus Frutta with his first wife. Apoena lives in the US, is a musician and is part of the band Rann, which has songs like When I’m Lucky, with over 150,000 plays on Spotify and Darkest Eyes, which has surpassed 100,000 plays on the music platform.

Aboina is the only child of Marcus Frutta who turned the actor into a grandfather so far. Married to composer Pam Stabler, he is already the father of three children, Dom, Julian, and Arthur.

Sons of Marcus Fleet
Our parents with the family – photo: reproduc / instagram / @apoenafrota

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Taina – Children of Marcus Frutta

Tainã Frota is Marcos Frota’s third child, also the result of his marriage to Cibele Ferreira. He was born in 1990 and works with music like his brother Aboina. Tainã is an audiovisual author and director and presents to the public some of his projects on social networks. In addition, he also worked on Caldeirão’s production team.

In 2021, he married Anna Guida, who works in communication and already worked on the editorial team at Big Brother Brasil. In addition, Marcus Frutta’s daughter-in-law’s social network shows that she has a YouTube channel and other interests such as art therapy, mythology, and cosmogony.

Sons of Marcus Fleet
Marcus Fleet at the wedding of his son (left) and Tina with his wife (right) – photo: reproduction / instagram / @marcus. fast. Official / @taynafrota

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Duffy is the son of Marcus Frutta and Carolina Dickmann

Duffy is the youngest son of actor Marcus Frutta. The 24-year-old boy was born in the year 1999 and is the result of the famous second marriage, with Actress Carolina Dickmann. They joined Toothbrushes a few years after Frutta became widowed and stayed together until 2004.

The boy graduated in the United States, where his mother, Carolina Dickmann, lived for six years, and is very conservative. Daffy is not from the art world like his older brothers and he doesn’t even have social media. It appears in some rare clicks on the profiles of family members.

Marcus Frutta has already revealed several times in the media that before Davy was born, Karolina Dieckmann had another pregnancy, but the actress had a miscarriage of the couple’s first child.

Davy next to his sister Amaralina (left) and with his mother Karolina Dickmann (right) – photo: reproduction / instagram / @amaralina / @loracarola

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