February 27, 2024

Mel Maya gets a cheap birthday present from MC Daniel and the actress’ reaction surprises: “My dad told me…”

Mel Maya won by

Mel Maya won “A Cheap Gift” from MC Daniel for her birthday.

Photo: Publicity, Reginaldo Teixeira/RT Fotografia/Purepeople

Mayan honey 19 years In the past week and Celebrate it among friends at a party This Sunday (07). During the celebration, the actress who You bet looks sexy, she got a very special gift from her boyfriend, MC Daniel.

In your social network, in addition to showing The reaction of the artist, who could not hold back her tearsAnd The funk singer said he was also moved by remembering his father’s predictions, already deceased. “I give her thousands of giftswhich has a monetary value. This was cheap and heartfeltHe said, explaining that Mel won a photo album with several moments of the couple.

“[Esse foi o presente] That she has become more emotional and I love her more since we started dating … “, the singer confirmed. He said:” One day my father told me that I would have a lot of money, and that when I found a woman in my life, she would appreciate the simplest situations. Today you are in heaven and whatever you tell me will happen.” Daniel, better known as Falcão do Funk.

Jojo Todynho enjoyed the Mel Maia concert

Among the guests at Mel Maya’s birthday, Jojo Tudinho I stood. The funk girl that The body has been transformed by food and physical exerciseWith the actress and her boyfriend who declared himself to her friend: “I love you, Fdbe,” Daniel joked.

The Mil Maya gala featured a performance by the Turma do Pagode group. But MC Daniel could not help but serve a piece of cake on stage and sang along with the band the song “Camisa 10”, in honor of his girlfriend …

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