June 18, 2024

Messi receives part of the payment for the signing of Paris Saint-Germain in “Fan Tokens”; you know the basement

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Messi receives part of the payment for the signing of Paris Saint-Germain in "Fan Tokens";  you know the basement

(PSG disclosure)

São Paulo – Paris Saint-Germain reported, Thursday (12), that the contract with striker Lionel Messi includes a payment in cryptocurrency from the French football club, the so-called “fan tokens”.

Messi signed two seasons, with the option to renew for another season. The striker’s net salary, according to European newspapers, is about 35 million euros (about 214 million Brazilian riyals), including bonuses.

PSG did not disclose the percentage of tokens in the player’s “glove” package, but said the number was “significant”.

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To trade, an investor needs to purchase the token from a cryptocurrency broker, in the same way as trading Bitcoin or other traditional digital currencies. After that, it is necessary to transfer it to the Socios.com platform application.

Founded in 2018, Socios.com is a European company for polling and rewarding fans. Allows sports teams to create their own fan tokens.

Since January 2020, PSG, in partnership with Socios.com, has issued about 20 million tokens to fans. This Thursday (12), around 3:30 p.m., PSG tokens could be purchased for around $41 USD.

The news of Messi signing with Paris Saint-Germain with a contract valid until 2023 and the option to extend for another season, made fan symbol Are you filming Paris Saint-Germain this week?

On August 1, the PSG token was trading around $23 – a value that reached a maximum of $61.23, on August 10, the day ace was announced, meaning an increase of $166. %. But it has fallen again in the past two days, still accumulating 52.5% as of yesterday.

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