March 25, 2023

Metal Flipper Zero bars in Brazil; NFC & RFID Cloning Device | telephony

Flipper Zero is the name of a device with small dimensions (reminiscent of the late MP3 players), but which has become a major irritant for Anatel. A source confirmed to TechAll The agency decided to ban the equipment from entering Brazil on the grounds that it could endanger citizens. the reason? Flipper Zero is capable of cloning NFC, RFID and other radio frequencies. These technologies are used, for example, in some plastic cards.

Although cybersecurity checks are recommended, the device contains tools that allow illegal practices, such as opening car and garage doors or changing prices at fuel pumps. On the other side of the battle are consumers who try to import the product, but don’t receive it due to the lack of formal approval. This procedure is necessary to clear the access of items from the outside.

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Flipper Zero – Photo: Disclosure / Flipper Zero

To understand why NTA is so resistant to product homogenization, it is worthwhile to describe in detail its operation. The device consists of a compact body, with a monochrome display of 128 x 64 pixels and a button to enable function control. The device can simulate RFID and reproduce wireless communication, NFC, Bluetooth, and infrared signals.

One of the main goals of Flipper Zero is the ability to run bents, or penetration tests, to check for vulnerabilities in networks. In addition, it can also be used in security research and protocol development.

So much so that the American organization EFF, which advocates for digital rights, criticized Anatel’s decision. “The creation, possession, or distribution of tools related to security research should not be criminalized or restricted.”

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The opposite point is that the use of the devices fell into the hands of malicious hackers and illegal actions spread on social networks. It was used to activate bells and open doors with a digital key, among other purposes. In the foreign press, there is a mixture of successful attempts and many other unsuccessful attempts, as in the magazine Wiredwho spent a week trying (to no avail) to clone a professional badge.

As much as the product ramifications generate a series of discussions, it is necessary to remember that some devices on the market perform part of the functions of the Flipper Zero. a TechAll I found out that Anatel plans to issue a note explaining why it doesn’t approve or allow Flipper Zero into the domestic market.