March 4, 2024
Meteor showers reach their peak at dawn on Thursday (21) - News

Meteor showers reach their peak at dawn on Thursday (21) – News

The Orionid meteor will peak at dawn on Thursday (21) and can be seen without the need for any astronomy equipment here in Brazil.

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According to Professor and Director of the Heller & Young Space Observatory, Carlos Fernando Young, to observe this phenomenon, the observer must look at a site between the northeast and east of his location. When the sun rises from the east, look a little to the left. It is hoped to see 15 meteors cross the sky every hour.

“From midnight onwards, it is already possible to see more meteors. At three in the morning it is a more favorable time with more possibilities to see the phenomenon,” the expert explains. “The ideal is to put yourself in a place with less light. Light pollution from cities and even from a full moon can harm the perception of phenomena.”

Meteor showers occur every year from debris left in space by Comet Halley, which last passed Earth in 1986.

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This comet passes through the Earth’s orbital region of the solar system every 76 years, but every year there can be larger or smaller fragments left by its passage.

The name of the phenomenon is related to radiation, that is, the area in the sky where meteors seem to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. From an observer’s perspective, a meteor shower originates in the constellation Orion, called Orionids