February 28, 2024
Meu Timo broadcasts the Corinthian-Casuals Cup match live

Meu Timo broadcasts the Corinthian-Casuals Cup match live

this saturday morning, My Timon It conveys another historical moment for Corinthian-Casuals. A partir das 10h15, na Twitch e no YouTubeThe English club is competing in the fourth stage of the FA Cup qualification against St Albans.

This is the first time that the club that inspired Corinthians has reached this stage of the competition since 1983. It is good to remember that the fourth stage is the last of the FA Cup with clubs ‘without division’. If they win, Corinthian-Casuals are guaranteed a place in the first stage of the cup with the most traditional clubs in England.

In the first qualifying stage, the team sent Worthing FC with an aggregate score of 4-2 (1-1 away and 3-1 within their fields). In the next stage, he easily passed Leatherhead FC, winning 3-0 after a goalless draw away. In the third stage, Wingate and Finchy with 4-1 in the final score (1-1 at home and 3-0 away) and made history.

Despite making history in the FA Cup, Corinthian is going through a poor phase in the English seventh tier. In the last round, the team was Defeated 3-0 by Merstham, even playing at home.

my viewers Youtube e twitch You will be able to help Corinthian-Casuals directly. Through PIX, fans will be able to donate any amount to the English club. The broadcast is led by journalists Andrew Souza and Vitor Ciccaroli.

the most beautiful story

NS My Timon He recently released his first book, which is about Corinthian-Casual. Even the amateur club in England receives 5% of all sales revenue Corinthians: The most beautiful history in the world of footballWritten by Thomas Rosolino and Chris Watney.

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