April 13, 2024
Military police "invade" Gustavo Lima's MG show and pay tribute to the artist

Military police “invade” Gustavo Lima’s MG show and pay tribute to the artist

While the name Gusttavo Lima is not out of the news – because of the singer’s rental of concerts by city halls and paid for Public moneyThe Minas Gerais Military Police (PMMG) expressed its “solidarity” with the artist, inviting him to become an “ambassador” for an audiovisual series produced by the company.

The conversation took place in Divinópolis, in the Midwest region of the state, where the musician gave his singing on Tuesday night (31). “Gustavo, I came first to bring you the solidarity of the Military Police. Rest assured, this brown coat is with you,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Flavio Santiago, Chief of Communications to the Prime Minister.

Then the musician saluted the soldier who responded to the gesture. Santiago told the singer that he needed an “ambassador for the series” produced by the premier, called “Segunda Pele,” which is available on the company’s YouTube website (see over here).

He handed over a custom T-shirt to the artist. Finally, the Rural Patrol trio sang the songs to Lima. Many in the comments to the posts praised the position of the Prime Minister, noting the importance of “appreciating artists” who are considered “good citizens”.