February 27, 2024
Millions of Android phones will soon lose Google support;  understand

Millions of Android phones will soon lose Google support; understand

NS google browser This Tuesday (28) confirmed that millions of Android smartphones will lose official support from the company and will not be able to access various company products and services, including Gmail, YouTube or Maps login.

the decision Affects users who have a device running Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread or earlier versions System, a program released in 2010 that is still compatible with the developer’s main applications, although it no longer receives periodic updates.

According to experts, this change will especially hurt people who are still using old mobile phones and cannot change their devices at the moment, because they are unable to access the main company services, something that will definitely affect the experience of using the phone.

Figures show that these “obsolete” devices represent about 0.3% of the total, a number that, although it seems small, totals about 3 billion active devices worldwide. It is estimated that nearly 9 million of these mobile phones will not be able to connect to Google’s servers once support ends.

The company claims that this decision is based on protocols aimed at user security, since these old versions stopped receiving security packages for a long time, and an error message is displayed if the user tries to log into the account.

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