June 14, 2024

Millions of players are giving up Blizzard games; See the comparative chart

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Millions of players are giving up Blizzard games;  See the comparative chart

While the company had 47 million active users in 2017, the figures for the last quarter point to 26 million

Data related to Number of active players in games from BlizzardAnd Noting a significant drop in players’ consumption of products like Overwatch and World of Warcraft in the last quarter. While the company had 47 million active users in 2017, during Q2 2021 Only 26 million users remain active in the company’s accounts.

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The chart was posted on reddit, has been detected During the financial results conference Performed by Blizzard. as you can see in picture below, Number of active users The dips started early in 2018. With the onset of the pandemic, in 2020, it was The search for games has increased dramaticallyBut the global situation did not change the number of players in the most popular games of the developer, on the contrary, at the end of 2020 the numbers began to show a sharp decline, Peaking now in 2021.

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The situation appears to be a growing wave of discontent with the company’s games, which Doesn’t seem to change even with the announcement of Overwatch 2. NS The recent sexual harassment scandal and inadequate working conditions contribute to the growing dissatisfaction. Since the chart was released recently, the complex present moment of a blizzard, with Strong accusations of sexual harassment to which the company’s developers adhere, It should not be reflected in the numbers yet..

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So it will not be surprising after all the scandals, which includes a highly problematic reference to Bill CosbyThe numbers of active players in the company continued to decline. Additionally, the graph records some of the company’s releases and shows how the latest WoW release didn’t help the number of active players over the last quarter of the year.

It would come as no surprise that the number of active players in Blizzard games continues to decline after sexual harassment scandals

She led the latest accusations against the company NS. Blizzard boss Alain Brake resigns. Although the official discourse conveys the search for new opportunities and does not mention scandals, Barak is one of those involved in the lawsuit against the company. In addition to him, Alex Avrasyabe, the former creative director of World of Warcraft, has been accused of harassing employees and supporting the company to be an environment of harassment.

Despite all the trouble, Blizzard continues to act as if nothing had happened. but the The numbers show that things are not going well for the company, including many ETFs that hold shares of companies in the gaming sector, continue to show declines. One example is HERO, which is one of the most popular among small investors because it is affordableThat has been declining since July, likely as a reflection of the company’s accusations and position.

Steady decline in stocks (Credits: Google Finance/Reproduction)

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